O dhikr of Allah

I have tasted the sweetness of your nectar

And yet why does the birds of heedlessness steal you away from me

I have felt your sweet presence

Leaving the taste of nourishment for my tarnished heart

And yet why does the bankrupt apothecary of dunya take you away from me

So glittery and beautiful, dunya, you fail to impress

You fail to impress

But O dhikr of Allah

Your sweetness is felt like the breath of a newborn

It is the gift of life

For a dead heart

SubhanAllah when you fall

Alhamdulillah when you feel relief

Astaghfirullah when your mistakes overwhelm you

In sha Allah for the future, unseen

Under the control of Allah, the All Seeing

The darkness of the unseen overpowering

But the delight of knowledge and tawakkul embracing

Comforting, like a gentle mother

Until the madness of the dunya breaks in again

And you get the Shifa of understanding with depth,

You get the company of scholars,

Whom Allah blessed with words of knowledge

With words of cure for the heart

Because what the heart longs

Is for its diseases to be cured

O dhikr of Allah

I will fight for you again, like the warrior in me

Because what could be worse than death without you.